November 9, 2011

Swiss Bank Credit Suisse Agrees To Disclose U.S. Client Data To The IRS

Credit Suisse Group AG, Switzerland’s second-biggest bank, has informed its U.S. clients that it intends to disclose confidential client account data to the Swiss taxing authorities, […]
October 24, 2011

IRS To Require Accounting Software Data Files

The IRS has recently announced its intent to seek data records maintained by small businesses that utilize accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree, when […]
October 14, 2011

Large Corporations Lobby For Tax Holiday

Yesterday, we posted a blog describing a recent IRS investigation into Google’s method of reducing their tax bill by transferring intellectual property assets into overseas entities where […]
October 13, 2011

IRS Scrutinizes Google For Offshore Transactions

It appears that the IRS attack on offshore tax havens may claim another “victim.”  The IRS is now examining how Google was able to avoid federal […]
October 11, 2011

Federal Government Prevails Against Tax Shelters

The Justice Department recently declared victory in three different tax shelter cases.  “These three significant decisions are further evidence that the courts will not countenance abusive tax […]
October 10, 2011

IRS Extends Filing Deadline For Victims Of Natural Disasters

In an effort to provide relief to those impacted by natural disasters last summer, the IRS has announced that taxpayers who submitted extensions to file their income […]
October 7, 2011

It Seems The Federal Government Has Had Enough Of Medical Marijuana

On Wednesday we posted a blog discussing the recent IRS ruling against medical marijuana dispensaries’ ability to take deductions for payroll, expenses, etc.  Now it appears that […]
October 5, 2011

IRS Rules Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The IRS has ruled that dispensaries of medicinal marijuana cannot deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security, or rent.  In a ruling against Harborside Health […]
September 29, 2011

IRS Called Upon To Investigate Political Groups

Two campaign finance reform advocates have asked the IRS to investigate the special tax status claimed by four tax-exempt organizations that are expected to play a […]
September 27, 2011

IRS Launches Voluntary Compliance Settlement Program In An Effort To Resolve Past Worker Classification Issues

The IRS has recently announced the launch of its new Voluntary Compliance Settlement Program (VCSP); an effort to enable employers to resolve past worker classification issues by […]
September 26, 2011

Taxpayer Identity Theft On The Rise

Imagine filing your tax return and learning that someone else got your refund by using your name and Social Security number.  It seems that identity theft […]
September 15, 2011

IRS Issues Guidance On Employer Provided Cell Phones

The IRS has recently issued Notice 2011-72 which provides guidance on the tax treatment of cell phones that employers provide to their employees primarily for business purposes.   Section […]