Income Taxes Are Due Today
April 18, 2011
IRS Prevails Against Tax Practitioner for Fraud
May 4, 2011

579 Changes to the U.S. Tax Code in 2010

Is it any wonder that few people understand the tax code in the United States? How do you keep up when more than 500 changes are made in one year? At Ourednik Law Offices, we make it our priority to stay up to date on tax code changes so that we may competently represent our clients.

Tax laws impact almost every transaction in our society. When you buy things from the store, you pay sales tax. If you order items from out of state and have them shipped to your home, you may be subject to use tax. Own a home? Then you know that you have property taxes to pay each year. When you purchased your home, you probably paid an intangibles tax and a documentary stamp tax.

Can we ever legally avoid or lessen the amount of taxes that we pay? What is it that “people in the know” understand that enables them to plan effectively to minimize the economic burden imposed by state and federal taxes on themselves and their families? How can I make the tax code work for me instead of the other way around?

These are all good questions and their answers depends on the personal circumstances of the individual. If you want to find the answers to these questions, you would be wise to contact an experienced tax attorney prior to proceeding with your personal plans or business transactions. At Ourednik Law Offices, our experienced tax attorneys assist clients with structuring their personal and business transactions with the goal of minimizing your tax consequences while achieving your goals. Contact our office today to see how we can assist you.